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Mike McNeill is publisher and editor of magnoliareporter.com.

A reader sent us an email on Friday wanting to know why she can’t “like” the Magnolia Reporter page on Facebook, or post comments. We had to break the news that she was banned from the page last November for violating our comment standards. Our broadest rule is that we reserve the right to ban any person from the page for any reason. Things that will get you banned are comments that demonstrate a lack of respect for other posters, straying off topic, picking fights with other posters – including our website, using vulgar or profane language or emojis, trolling, or promoting a product or service that you sell from your home. If you advocate violence, we may block or ban you and it is possible that your post will be referred to law enforcement. Offering knee-jerk reactions such as “kill them,” or reciprocal treatment toward people accused of crimes such as animal abuse, sexual abuse or homicide, we may block or ban you. Our emailer wanted to know what she could do to have her ban lifted. At present, our policy is to maintain bans for life, or at least as long as Facebook exists. We’re not going to get into the business of lifting a ban, only to have to ban the same person again.

Maybe we’ll declare an amnesty for all the people we’ve banned from our Facebook page as part of our 10th anniversary next April. That’s a thought.

Traveled Saturday with a relative to Texarkana to see a current motion picture. In spite of what the theater had advertised on its website two days earlier, showings of the film had been cut from four to two on Saturday. We were either five hours late or five hours early for both showtimes. The theater had a kid’s film showing on five screens from opening to close, but only two performances of the show we’d traveled from Magnolia to see. Beyond angry, this writer stewed for a bit before resolving simply to have dinner in Texarkana. Texarkana needs to know that the Osaka Steak House turned us around from a vow made a few minutes earlier to never go to Texarkana for any entertainment reason again, ever. Osaka was worth the trip.

This irritating personal incident once again illustrates the need Magnolia has for a new motion picture theater. Two people traveling round trip from Magnolia to Texarkana for a show – between gasoline, film tickets and goodies, and supper – represents significant economic leakage when multiplied thousands of times a week. We still think Magnolia will get a new theater. We needed one “Yesterday.”

The weekly oil and gas report from the state recorded no South Arkansas activity.

The Magnolia Advertising and Promotion Commission will not meet in July due to a lack of business.

Saturday was the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission to the moon. Our new online poll asks, “What should be humankind’s top space priority?” Collectively, options involving manned exploration get support from only about a third of our readers. Unmanned explorations of our solar system and beyond, and the search for extraterrestrial life, get support from about two-thirds of our readers.

Mike McNeill is publisher and editor of magnoliareporter.com. Email him at news@magnoliareporter.com .

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