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Mike McNeill is publisher and editor of magnoliareporter.com.

The Oxygen channel premiered on Sunday its latest episode of “Snapped.” The show focuses on women who commit murder, which meant that McNeil’s own Nena Bolton was bound to be featured eventually. Bolton murdered her husband, former Sheriff’s Deputy Larry Bolton, in 1998. She served six years of a 20-year prison term on a sentence of second-degree murder. A few months after her parole, she was arrested for the stabbing death of her grandfather, McNeil Mayor Ralph Ward. She was found guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced to 30 years in prison. “Snapped” producers began lining up interviews for the episode late last year, and it aired Sunday. We haven’t seen the show but we’re told it was well done. We’re certain you’ll be able to watch the episode later when it’s repeated. CLICK HERE to watch a trailer for the show.

As we listened to the radio scanner early Sunday morning, an officer mentioned that he was in pursuit of a vehicle southbound on North Washington. This meant it was coming our way. We raced to the front door and just before we could open it, we heard the unmistakable sound of brakes, a crash and shattering glass and masonry. We would have seen it happen except for the fact that the county War Monument on the Courthouse lawn was in our direct line of sight. We had to get into some shoes and gather up our equipment, but we were within moments transmitting a live Facebook broadcast from the scene where a car crashed into the north side of The Corner Clubhouse. As we write this, the two people being pursued have not been apprehended but we have no doubt that they’ll commit their first smart decision of the week by turning themselves into authorities.

It’s a tough blow for The Corner Clubhouse in the current COVID environment. Once the restaurant does reopen, we hope its fans will make a special effort to go over and buy a meal. We’ve always been a fan of its Friday burger special.

Remember the fireworks show on Friday night at East Side Park. There won’t be any organized activities and the park will be closed, but you should be able to get a great view from any clear spot on the east side of Magnolia.

Magnolia needs better street lights.

We appreciate the responsible citizens who are wearing masks in public to help prevent the spread of the COVIC-19 virus. We need many more public-spirited people like you.

Our visit to the Square Market on Saturday resulted in the following purchases: Apple cinnamon rolls, corn flake/peanut butter treats, tomatoes and red potatoes. The tomatoes went well with some ham sandwiches. We also used some of the red potatoes for wonderfully fresh French fries. The point: Shop the Square Market. Get freshly made breads, cakes and other desserts, and locally grown produce. Benefit local growers. They’ll grow more and the money will stay here.

It’s time to retire the Confederate symbolism from the Arkansas State Flag. The Mississippi Legislature voted over the weekend to do the right thing. Arkansas should follow suit. Plus, we’ve never felt especially wedded to state flags. They strike us as things that are appropriate to change every 2-3 generations.

Mike McNeill is publisher and editor of magnoliareporter.com. Email him at news@magnoliareporter.com or call him at 870-904-3865.

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