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Mike McNeill is publisher and editor of magnoliareporter.com.

Hundreds of Southern Arkansas University students will stream onto the Magnolia Square later for Blue & Gold Day. This is a great event that helps students, especially incoming freshmen, develop a better appreciation for what Magnolia has to offer. It’s going to be hot, though. Which is one of the reasons why most of the event is packed into the 5-7 p.m. window. The general public is invited and it’s always a good show. Fall classes at SAU start on Wednesday. Thursday, September 5 is the 11th class day, which is the cutoff day for officially determining fall enrollment numbers. Overall fall enrollment at Southern Arkansas University in 2018 dropped to 4,468, compared to the previous year’s 4,647.

That’s some pothole at the intersection of McNeil and Dudney, just north of the MJHS campus.

We can’t give you a direct link for legal reasons, but we can tell you that on August 1, Forbes published an article by contributing writer Loren Thompson headlined, “Aerojet Rocketdyne cuts costs, builds infrastructure to compete for engines on future ICBM.” Thompson goes into some detail about Aerojet Rocketdyne’s plans to build solid rocket motors for intercontinental ballistic missiles in Camden – if it can get the contract. The company is betting that moving more operations to Camden will help it slice production costs enough to compete for the work. Thompson and many others are slowly catching up with the news that Camden and South Arkansas has become a major center in the defense sector.

Since we raised this issue a few weeks ago, we’ve been hyper-conscious about it. We refer to the number of drivers who are unable or unwilling to maneuver their vehicles close enough to fast-food service windows, bank drive throughs or bank ATMs to use these services effectively. They force restaurant employees to practically leap from service windows into cars. Or, drivers open their doors and try to get out to use drive throughs. Friends, it’s simple. It really is. With practice, you can get your car close enough to the ATM to be able to use it without leaving your seat.

In a somewhat related issue. Hey, Walmart customers. Can you show enough courtesy to move the buggies away from the start or the middle of a parking place?

We have noticed that the city has replaced almost unreadable stop signs here and there. Of course, the shape of a stop sign is usually sufficient to put the message across. But, it’s the reflectivity of the word “STOP” that makes the signs stand out at night.

Angled parking on the square. Everything old is new again.

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