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Mike McNeill is publisher and editor of magnoliareporter.com .

Arkansas Scholarship Lottery vendors in Columbia County sold $369,507 worth of lottery tickets in January. That’s an average of $15.63 per person, based on the Census Bureau’s 2017 county population estimate of 23,627. We say again: Spend your money any way you like, but don’t wonder why we can’t have nice things. There are more productive uses for those funds. And we assume that $369,507 represents the tip of disposable income in Columbia County. That $369,507 equals 25 full scholarships to Southern Arkansas University. It’s the annual salary for about 10 police officers with benefits. It would build one very nice house, or adequate housing for several families. Pool all that money together for a few months, and we could build a theater.

We can’t provide you with a direct link for legal reasons but we can tell you that on January 29, the NFL Draft Diamonds log featured Southern Arkansas’ Lorenzo Alexander. The article by Damond Talbot outlines some of the struggles Alexander has endured during his collegiate football career, and his future plans. The blog’s purpose is to shine a spotlight on under-rated college football stars who deserve a look from the pros.

The vote remains close in our current online poll: “Should Arkansas continue to observe Daylight Saving Time?” You still have time to record your response.

Today is Tuesday. Thursday is Valentine’s Day. You’ve been warned.

There was no news out of the Arkansas Oil and Gas Commission last week.

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