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Attorneys have a professional obligation to provide criminal clients with the best defense possible. We were struck by that while reviewing the multiple motions filed on behalf of Jory John Worthen. Worthen received two life sentences this week for the 2019 murders of Alyssa Cannon, 20, and her son, Braydon Ponder, 4, at her home in Camden. His lawyers, Gregg Parrish and Lee Short, pulled out all the stops. Let’s review. Brief in support of motion to dismiss all charges based on inflammatory comments made by the U.S. Marshals Service and Camden police, and acts of cooperation with news media reporting on the case. Motion to suppress testimony based on the interrogation of the suspect. Motion to suppress evidence found in a box inside Worthen’s Burbank, CA, hotel room, where he was living after 19 months on the run. Motion to suppress evidence found in a search and seizure of Worthen’s luggage, found in the same hotel room. And three different motions regarding defense claims of illegal entry into Cannon’s home by lawmen without a warrant, and the defense’s efforts to suppress evidence obtained in the house and all statements made by Worthen about that evidence. We thought we should mention all that as we neglected to do so in our article Tuesday. All of these motions will likely have a better chance of coming into play in the event of any future appeal.

The exterior of what we call the Police-Fire Building is getting a much-needed cleaning and paint job. It will soon look very sharp.

Yes, we see people looking at downtown Magnolia’s vacant buildings all the time. It’s a good sign of things ahead.

Gotta get this water project done. It’s a mess. Have to keep eyes on the prize, though. Magnolians will enjoy improved water service.

Last year’s South Arkansas turkey harvest numbers (male and female) by county, according to the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission:

Columbia – 129, 0

Ashley – 167, 1

Bradley – 141, 1

Calhoun – 127, 0

Chicot – 11, 0

Clark – 120, 0

Cleveland – 146, 0

Dallas – 174, 1

Desha – 110, 0

Drew – 174, 1

Hempstead – 30, 0

Howard – 34, 0

Lafayette – 62

Lincoln – 78, 1

Little River – 38, 0

Miller – 8, 0

Montgomery – 136, 1

Nevada – 79, 0

Ouachita – 134, 0

Sevier – 40, 0

Union – 205, 1

You might want to consider buying your Thanksgiving turkey early, if having turkey on that holiday is important to you. There are many signs pointing toward a shortage in late 2021, especially for smaller-sized birds.

Hot roasted peanuts.

Magnolia needs better street lighting.

It’s often feast or famine with news. At the moment, we’re playing catch-up. More stuff coming from the Columbia County Fair, and SAU Family Day, as we can get to it.

There was a good crowd at the fair last night.

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