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Magnolia travels to Hot Springs tonight for another football game during this strange season. We looked at some numbers. Since 2004, the Panthers hold a 10-6 record against the Trojans. Magnolia has won the last three games. Hot Springs won five straight before that. Between 2004 and 2011, Magnolia won seven of eight games. When Magnolia has won, the average score was 33-13. When Hot Springs won, the average was 22-12. Magnolia had a 42-0 win in 2005, Hot Springs won 21-0 in 2015. Last year’s game was uncharacteristically close. Magnolia won 21-18.

We do feel for our high school friends. The COVID-19 pandemic has rocked their year so far, causing the cancellation of events, inconvenience schedules, inability to participate in a full slate of games or extracurricular activities, the disruption of everything they’ve known about receiving an education -- and the overhanging threat of becoming ill.

Someone who knows told us that the opening of Meat Market Taqueria is about three weeks away. We look forward to having tacos on East Main, just a short walk from home.

The cooler, wetter weather does feel like fall.

We appreciate all of the birthday best wishes on Thursday. Debby and Teresa, thank you for being so thoughtful and supportive of your little brother all these years. And for the supper and the gift.

If you complain about immigrants coming into the United States only to benefit from its welfare system, don’t complain because you haven’t received another stimulus check.

Six cows.

Southern Arkansas University’s chances of placing graduates in both the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House are brightening. Former DI football coach Tommy Tuberville, a Republican, is polling at about 52 percent in his bid to replace U.S. Sen. Doug Jones (D-Alabama). Arkansas State Rep. Joyce Elliott has drawn even with U.S. Rep. French Hill in the Arkansas 2nd Congressional District race. About 200 institutions of higher education have graduates in either the U.S. House or Senate. There’s been no member of the U.S. Congress from Columbia County since the 1930s. Wade Kitchens served two terms in the House from 1937-1941.

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