Active cases of the COVID-19 virus rose Wednesday across the five-county area of South Arkansas, according to the Arkansas Department of Health. Cases were up by 10 in Ouachita County, seven in Union County and five in Columbia County.

No new virus-related deaths were reported in the area.

COVID-19 Metrics for Columbia County

Total Cumulative Cases: 6,456

Total Active Cases: 21. Up five since Tuesday.

Total Recovered Cases: 6,331

Total Deaths: 104. Last death recorded November 18.

COVID-19 Metrics for Lafayette County

Total Cumulative Cases: 1,465

Total Active Cases: 2. Up one since Tuesday.

Total Recovered Cases: 1,432

Total Deaths: 30. Last death recoded March 3.

COVID-19 Metrics for Nevada County

Total Cumulative Cases: 2,649

Total Active Cases: 14. Up two since Tuesday.

Total Recovered Cases: 2,589

Total Deaths: 46. Last death recorded October 9.

COVID-19 Metrics for Ouachita County

Total Cumulative Cases: 6,558

Total Active Cases: 36. Up 10 since Tuesday.

Total Recovered Cases: 6,402

Total Deaths: 120. Last death recorded December 6.

COVID-19 Metrics for Union County

Total Cumulative Cases: 10,970

Total Active Cases: 30. Up seven since Tuesday.

Total Recovered Cases: 10,740

Total Deaths: 198. Last death recorded November 21.


Total COVID-19 cases, includes all confirmed and probable cases: 972,465

Number of new cases reported in the last 24 hours: 589

Recovered cases: 954,358

Deaths: 12,603. Up nine since Tuesday.

Total COVID-19 positive hospital admissions: 226

Total COVID-19 positive admissions in ICU: 32

Total COVID-19 positive admissions on ventilators: 15

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