The portions of the map shown in yellow are "abnormally dry" according to the National Drought Monitor.

The United States Drought Monitor indicates this week that Columbia and Union counties are in "abnormally dry" status.

Most of Lafayette County is in "moderate drought" status, with a small area classified as "abnormally dry." All of Miller County is considered in "moderate drought" status.

magnoliareporter.com has recorded a total of 3.69 inches of rain since October 1, including 2.23 inches in October, 1.12 inches in November, and 0.34 inches in December. Rainfall for the year is 58.59 inches.

The Drought Monitor's National Drought Summary for the week ended on November 24:

Half an inch or more of rain fell across parts of Oklahoma and Arkansas, but other than that the South region was dry. Abnormal dryness expanded in parts of all of the states in the South region. Moderate to exceptional drought were expanded across various parts of Texas; moderate drought was introduced in Arkansas and Mississippi and expanded in Louisiana; and moderate and severe drought expanded in Oklahoma. In the Oklahoma panhandle, moderate and severe drought retreated.

According to USDA reports, topsoil moisture was short or very short across 69 percent of Texas, 41 percent of Oklahoma, 31 percent of Mississippi, 24 percent of Louisiana, and 14 percent of Arkansas; 38 percent of the winter wheat was in poor to very poor condition across Texas.

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