Murder case

A jury trial date has been set for January 10-21 for Quincy Lewis, one of four men charged in murdering Southern Arkansas student Joshua Keshun Smith, 21, of Sparkman.

Lewis was in court with his lawyer last week with his attorney, Jeff Harrelson of TexARKana.

13th District Court Judge David Talley asked Harrelson if Lewis would like to enter a plea offer.

“We are obviously open if the state wants to make an offer,” Harrelson said. “We obviously would entertain that.”

John Pickett of TEXarkana has been named co-counsel for Lewis.

Harrelson said the reason for this is because any case that is a death penalty case the defendant is entitled to two lawyers, a mitigation specialist and a fact investigator.

“These are nationwide American Bar Association guidelines for capital cases,” he said.

In May, another man charged in the August murder, Odies Wilson, appeared in court and a jury trial was set. Wilson’s trial will take place before Lewis’ trial.

In other court business last Thursday, the jury trial for Charles Wayne Jones was set for July 19-20. Jones plead guilty to driving while intoxicated and having a wreck in Magnolia on December 22, 2019, which ejected his 3-year-old daughter from the vehicle and killed her.

Talley wanted Jones to understand what allowing a jury to sentence him of negligent homicide meant.

“You do understand the sentence of the jury could be worse than what the state offered?” Talley said.

Jones indicated he did understand.

Jones’ blood alcohol after the accident was .10 and he also had marijuana in the car.

In another case, Harlen Parker’s probation was stripped of his probation and sentenced to three years in the Arkansas Department of Corrections and given suspended imposition of Sentencing for three years.

“I’m sorry your honor, I let you down,” Parker said.

Parker put his head down his hands briefly while the verdict was read. He apologized to Talley about not completing rehab at Bar-J Ranch in El Dorado.

“I don’t really know what else I can do,” Talley said before sentencing Parker, 29. “When the drug rehab didn’t work you didn’t go back to jail.”

Parker was last taken into custody May 27 in the Magnolia Walmart parking lot in relation to an incident that occurred that morning, as well as previous incidents in Union County and El Dorado.

Also Thursday, Laniah Anderson, charged with criminal mischief, was ordered to pay over $4,000 in restitution for keying a vehicle on September 23, 2020.

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