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Mission Creek has completed the workovers of six oil and gas wells in Columbia County.

A drilling permit in Union County and six workovers in Columbia County highlight the weekly report from the Arkansas Oil and Gas Commission.

Sinclair Operating Company of El Dorado is the operator and Sewell Drilling is the contractor for the Furlough No. 1, 1,762 feet FNL and 2,300 feet FWL in Section 12-17S-14W in the Champagnolle Field of Union County. Permit depth is to 6,000 feet in the Smackover Lime. Work began October 10.

Mission Creek Operating Company of Magnolia has reported the results of six workovers, all in the Dorcheat Macedonia Field and all in the Cotton Valley Zone.

The workovers, location, total depth and 24-hour production:

Link Warnock No. 4, Section 15-18S-21W, 8,800 feet with perforations between 6,674 and 8,208 feet, 6.71 barrels of oil and 27.7 mcf of natural gas, finished September 18.

Brewer-Warnock No. 10, Section 15-18S-21W, 8,700 feet with perforations between 6,734 and 8,540 feet, 6.68 barrels and 455.8 mcf, finished August 28.

J.H. Nipper No. 2, Section 16-18S-21W, 8,600 feet with perforations between 6,686 and 8,402 feet, 11.7 barrels and 18.2 mcf, finished September 6.

DMCVU No. 77, Section 15-18S-22W, 8,700 feet with perforations between 6,650 and 8,597 feet, 1.7 barrels and 33 mcf, finished September 11.

DMCVU No. 104, Section 16-18S-22W, 8,200 feet with perforations between 7,934 and 7,996 feet. Daily production 56.8 barrels and 21 mcf, finished August 23.

Heritage Willis UB No. 1, Section 18-18S-21W, 8,793 feet with perforations between 7,014 and 8,721 feet, 19.99 barrels and 709.8 mcf, finished August 29.

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