Water meters

Magnolia Utilities has employed a subcontractor to start installation of new electronic water meters.

Magnolia Utilities has begun its conversion to reader-less water meters.

The Vanguard Company will install new water meters across Magnolia. Employees will wear Vanguard uniforms, and trucks will bear the Vanguard logo.

Water service will be briefly interrupted during installation.

Door hangers will be left if meters are installed when there is no one at a residence.

People with questions may call the water office at 870-234-2022.

The Magnolia City Council approved the installation of the new meters last March by approving the refinancing of an existing bond issue to pay for the new meters.

Refinancing of the 2012 bond issue for water system improvements is expected to provide about $1 million for the work.

The new technology will transmit water usage information directly to a central office.

The technology allows water systems to monitor usage in real time, instead of tracking water use through mechanical meters that are read monthly. Magnolia Utilities would know instantly whether usage is spiking, which might indicate a leak. At present, up to a month may pass before Magnolia Utilities becomes aware that there may be a leak.

Electronic meters will also make Magnolia Utilities aware of unauthorized water use.

The utility and water users can obtain real time information about water use.

No one will lose their jobs as a result of the change. Current water system workers will be redeployed into other tasks.

The new meters won’t replace people in the physical process of turning water service off, or reconnecting it.

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