Missing person

Charles Walthall is being held in the Miller County Jail after he was located following a daylong search Saturday by authorities.

Lawmen across South Arkansas started searching for Walthall, of Garland City, after he made a series of bizarre posts on a Facebook page.

A “be on the lookout” broadcast went out to South Arkansas law enforcement about 4 p.m. Saturday for Walthall and the Ford Explorer he was believed to have been driving.

Members of the public alerted law enforcement on Saturday morning after Walthall apparently made a strange post on a Facebook page that he manages.

The page, “Columbia County Historical Society (Magnolia, Arkansas)” usually features posts about aspects of Columbia County history made by Walthall and other page members.

However, in the past week, Walthall, who is originally from Magnolia and well known by many residents, began using the Facebook page to post fictitious stories about deceased Magnolia area residents.

About 8 a.m. Saturday, Walthall apparently made a post on the page in the style of a news article, relating that he had killed family members and then taken his own life by shooting himself while jumping from the Red River Bridge at Garland City. The post contradicted itself by saying Walthall had killed himself at his home.

The river separates Miller and Lafayette counties.

Walthall’s family was reported safe, but Walthall himself was missing. He was taken into custody Saturday night and is being held pending a first court appearance.

According to Miller County court records, Walthall was the subject last summer of an involuntary civil commitment order. The court papers ordered his commitment to the Riverview Behavior Health Center for a period not to exceed 45 days.

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