COVID-19 cases rose to 18 in Columbia County on Wednesday, according to the Arkansas Department of Health.

There were no new virus-related deaths in the five-county area of South Arkansas.

COVID-19 Metrics for Columbia County

Total Cumulative Cases: 6,429

Total Active Cases: 18. Up two since Tuesday.

Total Recovered Cases: 6,307

Total Deaths: 104. Last death recorded November 18.

COVID-19 Metrics for Lafayette County

Total Cumulative Cases: 1,454

Total Active Cases: 3. No change since Tuesday.

Total Recovered Cases: 1,420

Total Deaths: 30. Last death recorded March 3.

COVID-19 Metrics for Nevada County

Total Cumulative Cases: 2,630

Total Active Cases: 21. Up two since Tuesday.

Total Recovered Cases: 2,563

Total Deaths: 46. Last death recorded October 9.

COVID-19 Metrics for Ouachita County

Total Cumulative Cases: 6,508

Total Active Cases: 12. No change since Tuesday.

Total Recovered Cases: 6,377

Total Deaths: 119. Last recorded death October 8.

COVID-19 Metrics for Union County

Total Cumulative Cases: 10,925

Total Active Cases: 12. Down three since Tuesday.

Total Recovered Cases: 10,713

Total Deaths: 198. Last death recorded November 21.


Total COVID-19 cases, includes all confirmed and probable cases: 966,346

Number of new cases reported in the last 24 hours: 337

Recovered cases: 950,554.

Deaths: 12,545. Up five since Tuesday.

Total COVID-19 positive admissions: 154

Total COVID-19 positive admissions in ICU: 20

Total COVID-19 positive admissions on ventilators: 7

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