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Don't turn south onto Washington from Union, starting Wednesday. Washington on the square will be one-way northbound.

Jefferson and Washington streets on the Magnolia Square will become one-way only, effective Wednesday.

The City of Magnolia has been making plans for the change for months.

Washington will be one-way running south to north from Calhoun to Union.

Jefferson will be one-way running north to south from Union to Calhoun.

The city has installed one-way traffic signs at key intersections and streets. The ultimate goals are to make the square more pedestrian friendly, and to create more parking through angled parking places on Washington and Jefferson.

The Magnolia Street Department began painting over the current lines on Monday, and will begin marking the angled spaces Tuesday morning.

"We have talked about turning Jefferson and Washington for at least three months during our City Council meetings. A number of factors were considered in determining if Washington and Jefferson were good candidates for parallel-to-angle parking," said Mayor Parnell Vann.

“There are numerous studies that weigh the pros and cons of conversion, which also include one-ways."

He said the safety of pedestrians and motorists as the number one concern. According to Vann, the studies he and his team found indicate the severity of accidents to be less due to low traffic volumes and speed.

City Inspector David Nelson and Street Department Superintendent Jerry Lewis have worked to ensure that the angle parking will allow sufficient room to safely back out into the streets.

Lewis said Jefferson and Washington streets are ideally suited for angle parking; however, Main Street between Jackson and Vine is not.

“Main Street produces a higher volume of traffic at higher rates of speed. Those conditions topped off with red lights at each end of square will lead to unsafe conditions for motorists as well as congestion."

Ellie Baker, director of Magnolia Economic Development, sent a map to all the merchants around the square requesting their input about the parking and streets.

"The responses from the merchants were all positive," said Baker.

Officers and firefighters will be in place Wednesday morning to help direct motorists.

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