Two Arctic storms this week brought the usual worries such as rolling power outages, loss of water due to burst pipes and no television because of ice or snow snapping power lines.

But if you are a kid or a kid at heart, the snow – a rarity in South Arkansas – brought memories that will last a lifetime.

“I’ve never seen snow like this in my life,” said Maggie Gunnels, 19, a sophomore at Southern Arkansas University.

Gunnels and her cousin Shayne West went to a snow ball fight near the university’s soccer fields at about 2 p.m. Monday. Gunnels said there were about 60 people there, including several of her Tri Sigma sisters, and a lot of them were able to make snow balls from the powdery snow. However, she never could get it to mold into a ball because of its texture.

Later that evening Gunnels and her twin sister Gwen Gunnels, with West, went back to the university with an inner tube and the goal of sliding down the steep walkway between Wilson and Overstreet halls.

“It was so fun!” Maggie Gunnels said. “Tuesday we had hot chocolate and dad made vegetable soup.”

Taylor Elementary School teacher Dara Barnett and her family live on Olive Street in Magnolia and were braving the winter weather Tuesday afternoon to make a small snowman.

“We tried yesterday to make one, but it was too powdery. Today it seems more frozen,” Barnett said.

Barnett’s children, Tyler, 8, and Brookley, 7, were concentrated on helping their mom with the snowman until it was time to add his face. By that time, their attention turned to having a snow ball fight instead and like brothers and sisters do, they showed very little mercy as they gathered the largest pieces of snow to chunk at each other.

Barnett, a kindergarten teacher, took over the final touches of the snowman and tried to make it a mustache out of a leaf but it just wouldn’t stick.

She had to go get her craft bucket and found eyes, a nose and craft store pom poms for a colorful mouth.

Nita Smith, who lives on Dudney, wanted to go get her friend a few streets over so they could have some company during the frigid day. However, when Smith tried to go down her driveway, her SUV got stuck. She was lucky that two men and a child on a four-wheeler helped her get back into her driveway. Because her dogs, Jack, and Bandit were already dressed in their sweaters and looking forward to a walk, she took them on one and they were happy.

Whitney Matthews-Gass and her family in Emerson have had a lot of fun in the record-making snow this week. Her husband Jeffery Gass pulled their children, Fletcher, 8 and Addalyn, 3, by attaching to his four-wheeler a decoy sled used for duck hunting.

Matthews-Gass made snow ice cream with sweetened condensed milk and vanilla but Addalyn had a special request that the snow ice cream be created with food color to make it have extra pizzaz.

The Gass’s new puppy, a golden cockapoo, Wrigley, also got to play in the snow with the children. The family has indulged on lots of delicious foods, Matthews-Gass said.

“We are cooking and eating all the yummy comfort foods. Chili. Spaghetti. Potato soup and grilled cheese I even made caramel puff corn and a pound cake.”

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