Parnell Vann

Parnell Vann is running for a third four-year term as mayor of Magnolia.

Mayor Parnell Vann is seeking a third term as mayor of Magnolia.

During his two terms as mayor, Vann has played a crucial role in various projects that saved the city money, helped to develop infrastructure, and promote business. These improvements not only greatly benefit Magnolia economically, but also contribute to the well-being of its citizens.

Under Vann’s leadership, the current administration saved the city over $4 million by refinancing sales and use tax bonds, which lowered interest rates and the debt of the Magnolia Regional Medical Center. Vann currently serves on the executive health and finance committees for the Arkansas Municipal League.

The Arkansas Highway & Transportation Department awarded Magnolia an $85 million, five-lane bypass, which will be completed in two phases. “It was through negotiations with the highway department that we were able to receive this large project,” said Vann, who serves on the executive board for the Southwest Arkansas Planning and Development District.

“Magnolia will continue to be good stewards of South Arkansas and do our part to improve the infrastructure for the economic benefit for all.”

Close to $500,000 in state aid street paving grants were secured by Vann to pave 32 miles of city streets. The city also received over $1 million in sidewalk grants from the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department, which allowed for sidewalks to be installed throughout the city. These sidewalks promote safety and a healthy lifestyle and continue the city’s efforts to “bridge the gap” between SAU and Magnolia.

Mayor Vann has worked to encourage all forms of outside travel. During the past eight years, the Magnolia Municipal Airport has received $2.5 million in federal grants. These grants provided up-to-date technology to ensure a safe and quality experience for those traveling by air, making it one of the best airports of its size.

In the past two years, $1.4 million has been invested in private money to revitalize Magnolia’s downtown, allowing eight new businesses to open on the Court Square. “Our downtown has never looked better,” Vann said. “Magnolia is a great place for business.”

Mayor Vann said, “For the past eight years, Magnolia has proved that it is the city that can, and I look forward to continuing as your mayor.”

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