Power up

Above, Entergy's McNeil substation. Utilities have cancelled a request that the public reduce electrical consumption.

A regional appeal for consumers to reduce their electrical power consumption has been lifted.

Utilities including Entergy Corporation issued two requests on Saturday for voluntary consumption cutbacks due to forced generation outages, above-normal temperatures and higher than forecasted load, which created a shortage of electricity in the mid-United States region.

The second notice asked consumers to limit usage until 11 p.m., but that notice has been cancelled.

An Entergy statement said the utility made the request as required by MISO. MISO manages approximately 65,000 miles of high-voltage transmission and 200,000 megawatts of power-generating resources in coordination with regional power companies.

Had power consumption not fallen, the next step would have been generation and transmission emergency load-reduction plans. This could have resulted in rolling power blackouts across the mid United States.

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