Turkey can be prepared grilled, baked or fried.

Thanksgiving is a good day to salute Arkansas’ importance to American agriculture.

Arkansas produces 31.5 million turkeys annually, or 11 percent of the nation’s total and ranking Arkansas No. 3 nationally in turkey production.

Gov. Asa Hutchinson said agriculture is the state’s top industry, contributing more the $21.4 billion in economic value for the state.

"The poultry industry, which includes turkey, chicken and eggs, is an important part of Arkansas's diverse agricultural landscape, representing more than 50 percent of agriculture's total cash receipts, said Agriculture Secretary Wes Ward. "We are thankful for the farmers who provide this protein throughout the entire year."

Through the 2018 production year, Arkansas held these top 10 rankings in food production:

No. 1 – Rice

No. 2 – Broilers

No. 4 – Catfish (foodsize)

No. 5 – Sweet potatoes

No. 7 – Peanuts

No. 10 – Chicken eggs

The 2017 Census of Agriculture highlights additional crops and proteins for which information about annual production is limited. Arkansas’ top 10 rankings include:

No. 3 – Greenhouse fruits and berries

No. 4 -- Sorghum for syrup

No. 4 – Turnip greens

No. 6 – Blackberries and dewberries

No. 6 – Pecans

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