Scammers are trying to steal money from Entergy Corporation customers.

Entergy Arkansas is aware of scammers across the state trying to get money from customers over the phone with threats of shut-off. Small businesses are typically the target.

There are some variations to the scam, but the basic premise stays the same. The scammer usually calls a customer with a spoofed number, often looking legitimate, then tells the customer they have an hour to pay or they will be cut off. They ask the customer to give a credit card number right then, buy a prepaid gift card or even transfer funds electronically.

Entergy says that no utility does business in that fashion. The utility will send an overdue customer a notice in writing with a shutoff date.

If a customer gets a call like this:

-- Hang up immediately.

-- Do not give them money.

-- Do not give them information.

-- Call 1.800.ENTERGY (not the number the scammer gave) to confirm any account information.

-- Report scammers to the local police and the attorney general’s office of consumer protection.

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