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Columbia County real estate transactions recorded July 1-16 having a value of $100,000 or greater. Information is drawn from public records held by the Columbia County Circuit Clerk and County Assessor, and the Arkansas Secretary of State.


The sale of 53.3 acres and a 4,336 SF house on Columbia 25 in Magnolia drew a $675,000 price tag. Betsy Lewis (trustee of the Betsy Lewis Revocable Trust) sold the property July 16 to Jonathan Thompson. Thompson financed the purchase with a $475,000 loan from Quicken Loans, LLC. The Lewis Trust acquired the property Feb. 5, 2014, for $0 from Betsy Lewis by warranty deed.


A 4,320 SF apartment building at 1307 E. Union St. in Magnolia (Crestwood Apartments) was sold July 1 for $320,000. Chris and Molly Properties, LLC -- Chris and Molly Drake -- purchased the building from J. Charles Investments of Arkansas, LLC, financed by a loan of $248,792.92 from Farmers Bank and Trust. J. Charles Investments acquired this property March 15 for $0 from Shannon R. Milam by warranty deed.


A 2,701 SF house on Mockingbird Street in Magnolia sold July 8 for $235,000. Danny Haire and Megan Haire sold the property to James R. Johnson and Tracy L. Johnson. The Johnsons financed this purchase with a mortgage of $223,250 from Bank of Little Rock Mortgage Corp. The Haires acquired the property Jan. 14, 2014, for $219,000 from Brian Scott Cowling by warranty deed.


A land sale by a timber company on July 9 netted a $150,000 price tag. Arkansas Pulpwood Co., Inc., sold 41.57 acres in the W/2 NW/4 NW/4, SW/4 NW/4, S-19, T-17 South, R-18 West to Turk Land, LLC. No mortgage or loan information was available. Arkansas Pulpwood acquired this acreage June 17 for $500,000 from Susan Floy Currie et al by warranty deed.


A 1,705 SF house on Smith Street in Magnolia changed hands July 9 for $100,000. William H. Bruce and Jayme Armstrong Bruce sold the property to Sasha Byers. This sale is financed with a $95,705 mortgage from Arvest Bank. In addition, two loans (mortgage subsidies) for $10,000 each were recorded July 13 by the Arkansas Development Finance Authority. The Bruces acquired this property Dec. 13, 2019, for $93,000 from Justin and Ellana Stewart by warranty deed.


A 2,155 SF home on Howard Street sold July 8 for $142,000. William Maxwell Light and Tracy Lea Light purchased the property from Amber King and Josh King, financed by a $145,000 loan from Farm Credit Services of Western Arkansas, FCLA. A mortgage of $1,015,000 secures the $145,000 loan and also a second loan of $870,000. This deal included both the Howard Street home and two tracts of land in S-21, T-13S, R-22 W and S-22, T-18S, R-22 W in Nevada County. Mr. and Mrs. King acquired the Howard Street home May 12, 2017, for $0 from Donna Jill Woodard and Mark Smith by warranty deed.


The sale of a 2,165 SF home on LaCari Street July 15 netted a $169,900 price gag. REE-MAG Investments, LLC, sold the property to Calum James Graham and Olivia Blaire Graham. The Grahams financed this transaction with a $152,900 loan from Farmers Bank and Trust. REE-MAG Investments LLC, incorporated in 2013 by Robert McDonald, received this property Dec. 1, 2017, for $0 from Alta Malone by warranty deed.


A 1,843 SF home and 2.46 acres on Columbia 13 in Magnolia sold July 15 for $315,000. Cindy Martin Real Estate, Inc., sold the property to Linda Tucker. Tucker financed this purchase with a mortgage of $293,185 from Peoples Bank. Cindy Martin Real Estate, Inc., acquired the property February 20, 2020, for $90,000 from Jerry Keith and Pam Walley.


A 1,374 SF house on Alice St. sold July 15 for $140,000. Justin Wayne Gaskin and Emily Nicole Gaskin sold the property to Jeffrey Dylan Powell and Itzela Cruz-Powell, who financed the purchase with a loan of $135,327 from Quicken Loans, LLC. The Gaskins acquired this property Sept. 17, 2018, for $128,000 from Gary and Kandice Herron by warranty deed.

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