Miller’s Pharmacy on the south side of the Magnolia Square closed suddenly on Monday.

The pharmacy mailed a letter to customers that they began receiving during the weekend, indicating that Monday would be the final day of business.

The letter, written by owner and pharmacist Erin Collier, said that Miller’s Pharmacy records had been turned over to the Walgreens Pharmacy in Magnolia.

Doors to the pharmacy were locked on Tuesday, and both its Facebook page and website were shut down. Telephone calls to Miller’s Pharmacy were forwarded to Walgreens.

Requests for information made by to both Miller’s Pharmacy and Walgreens went unanswered.

“Closing the doors of Miller’s Pharmacy has not been an easy decision. We consider ourselves part of your family and when you come into our sore, we consider you part of our family. We fully understand that this will hurt some in the community as we do have many loyal and caring customers. We did the best we could do to make decisions with a really terrible situation happening in the pharmacy world today,” the letter said in part.

Turning over pharmacy records to Walgreens ensures that they “have a space place to land instead of you worried about going back to the doctor for your prescriptions. This also allowed our employees to have a shot at a smooth transition to a new job with better benefits. It’s not perfect by any means, but it is the best I could do,” Collier’s letter said.

Collier and some other Miller’s employees will make the move to the Walgreens location.

“Please be kind to those who used to work here. They are still members of this community and deserve your compassion. This family is hurting and greatly affected by this closing,” Collier’s letter said.

Miller’s Pharmacy customers may expect to receive a letter from Walgreens explaining their options.

Miller’s Pharmacy customers may also elect to have their prescriptions filled by another pharmacy.

According to Columbia County real estate records, the 22-foot by 105-foot building is owned by Erin and Brannon Collier.

Historical records indicate that there has been a pharmacy-style business in the Miller’s location, 111 South Court Square, since the 1880s. E.T. Hutcheson & Sons Drug Store was open in 1883.

The pharmacy was one of several buildings on the south side of the square that was damaged or destroyed in an August 31, 1893 fire.

According to a report at the time in the weekly Columbia Banner newspaper, the fire apparently started about 1:30 a.m. in stores owned by C.R. Hammack and J.E. Smith, and spread to the T.G. Couch hardware store. The fire ignited kegs of powder and oil in the Couch store, which rapidly spread the blaze to the Hutcheson building and the Blewster & Hall store. Most of the firefighting efforts were directed toward saving the Columbia Bank, which was damaged.

The Columbia Banner reported that it was the largest fire in Magnolia history to that time.

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