Wilt Leak

Wilt Leak has been with Magnolia Motor Company for 20 years.

Magnolia Motor Company has recognized Wilt Leak for serving 20 years with the company.

Leak's work ethic and determination have been an integral part of Magnolia Motor

Company's growth and success. He prides himself on being a key element in taking Magnolia Motor Company from a five-car operation to a large pre-owned dealership in south Arkansas.

"I've had great leadership and mentoring to help get me to this point in my career. You can be good at something and do it for a while, but you have to be passionate about something to be successful at it for 20 years. It's a true blessing to love what you do and have the opportunity to do it every day. The challenge is what drives me. Navigating the evolving and ever changing landscape of the automotive industry is a constant challenge. And if anybody knows me, they know how much I enjoy a challenge,” Leak said.

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