Standard Lithium Ltd. announced Tuesday that it has completed all necessary agreements with Lanxess Corporation to secure access to a proposed commercial lithium plant site in Union County, and conduct all required fieldwork to support a lithium feasible study that is under way.

Standard Lithium also reported that subsequent to signing the Site Access Agreement, the company has commenced the site work necessary for the design of its first commercial lithium plant.

Dr. Andy Robinson, president of Standard Lithium commented, “The company is pleased to reach this important milestone. Our team has successfully negotiated and agreed to a key agreement with Lanxess, the site owner, to exclusively secure the required property for our commercial facilities and allow us to start working on the ground at the proposed location of the first commercial lithium project.

“The data gathered over the next few months will be vital to allow the OPD team to design the plant and locate key equipment on the large land area available to Standard Lithium at Lanxess’ South Plant facility. Once the important ground conditions are determined, and the location of key equipment can be fixed, then the engineering work to allow for connection between the Standard Lithium plant and Lanxess’ existing brine infrastructure present at the site can begin.

“We look forward to announcing more developments as the design towards the Company’s first commercial lithium project unfolds.”

The Site Access Agreement also establishes fundamental commercial plant development parameters and secures the lease area for commercial development. This first project, designated as Phase 1A, is located at the Lanxess South Facility. The fieldwork is being supervised by the company’s Front End Engineering Design (FEED) contractor, Optimized Process Designs LLC (OPD), a Koch Industries EPC contractor.

OPD and its design partners have developed a scope of work that will allow them to understand all necessary site conditions, and have awarded the site investigation work to a series of Arkansas-based contractors. The contractors are currently completing the site clearing required for access to the greenfield property and will be executing the intrusive field investigation program over the next 1-2 months.

Design data will then be used by OPD and its team to assist in designing the commercial plant.

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