The inscription of a bottle found near Baltimore last weekend reads, “Stamps Ice & Fuel Co., Stamps, Ark.”

Ernie Dimler has a mystery on his hands that can be traced back to Stamps, Arkansas, more than a century ago.

Dimler is the collections curator of the Bromo Seltzer Tower in Baltimore, MD. Dimler, 57, has been collecting and researching bottles since he was 13.

On Sunday, he found a bottle in Pasadena, MD, south of Baltimore. It bears the inscription, “Stamps Ice & Fuel Co., Stamps, Ark.”

The 7 3.4-inch tall bottle is aqua colored. It was blown in the mold, which leads Dimler to believe it was manufactured before 1910. There is also an inscription of 6-S, which could date the bottle to 1906.

Dimler would like to learn more about the bottle and its manufacturer. He can find no similar bottle in reference material or on the Internet, which suggests that there are few of its type still in existence.

There are also the mysteries of what the bottle contained, and how a glass bottle manufactured in turn-of-the-century Stamps made its way to Baltimore.

People with information about the bottle or Stamps Ice & Fuel Co. may contact Dimler by calling 410-255-1483.

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