Twelve Columbia County businesses have incorporated in the past week, according to the Arkansas Secretary of State.

South Arkansas incorporations by county for the week ended Tuesday, January 12, 2021, according to the Arkansas Secretary of State.


Rut & Ruts, Jackie Lee Pearson, 37 Lafayette 61, Taylor filed 1/4/21.

Mun-O Hunting Club, Judy Munn, 123 Chinquepin, Magnolia filed 1/4/21.

Dembo's Sweet Tooth LLC, Demorick Latione Wesson, 716 Columbia Road 11E, Magnolia filed 1/4/21.

Bar F Hunting Club, Inc, Thomas Dendy Foster, 240 Columbia 439, Magnolia filed 1/5/21.

Patricia Doss Glover Foundation, Patricia Doss, 555 South Hope St., Waldo filed 1/5/21.

Tate’s Bluff Hunting Club, Inc, Larry Jess Taylor, 30 Columbia 530, Waldo filed 1/6/21.

Easter Logistics LLC, Shermar Easter, 2009 N. Dudney Road, Magnolia filed 1/6/21.

Smith’s Treats BBQ & More LLC, Tina Smith, 525 Bessie, Magnolia filed 1/7/21.

Apex Source Solutions, LLC, Jerry Colvin Willis, 302 West McNeil St., Magnolia filed 1/7/21.

Platinum Performance LLC, Ricardo Lee, 606 North Hope, Waldo filed 1/7/21.

Jolly Land Services, LLC, Kent Michael Jolly, 5 Broadmoor Drive, Magnolia filed 1/8/21.

Electronic Repair Kings LLC, Ladarius Devereaux, 1302 Carver, Magnolia filed 1/8/21.


Deandre Triple D Logging LLC, Deandre Iverson, 71 Lafayette 139, Lewisville filed 1/4/21.


Prescott Floral & Bakery, Inc, Kaylea Martin, 228 East Vine, Prescott filed 1/4/21.

Gulley Transportation Services LLC, Christopher Bernard Gulley, 544 Nevada 27, Prescott filed 1/4/21.

Buddys Transportation, LLC, Hector Pesina Hernandez, 447 Highway 368, Prescott filed 1/4/21.


L&L Hunting Co, Laurie Faye Williams, 171 Pin Oak, Camden filed 1/4/21.

Crowned Queen Collection, LLC, Valeria Moore, 975 Ridgeview Road, Camden filed 1/5/21.

Concrete Rose Creations, LLC, Charm Bass, 336 E. Busbee St, East Camden filed 1/8/21.


Wee Winner's Christian Academy, LLC, Robin Nichole Green, 2820 North College Ave., El Dorado filed 1/4/21.

Eastside Korps LLC, Demarquis D. Smith, 722 Louisiana Ave., El Dorado filed 1/4/21.

Kendraa's Kreativee Konfections, LLC, Terri Steward, 2102 Gaines, El Dorado filed 1/4/21.

A Honest Dream LLC, Demetria Jamerson, 206 Oakhurst Blvd, No. 107, El Dorado filed 1/4/21.

Porch Light Pictures, LLC, Ashley Wages, 3924 Wesson Road, Junction City filed 1/4/21.

Miles Estates, LLC, Lashanda Miles, 1410 W. Block, El Dorado filed 1/5/21.

Monroe's Seafood LLC, Philea Antwanette Phillips, 1810 W. Main St., El Dorado filed 1/5/21.

Crown Me Craft Beast, LLC, Alexcia Tubbs, 126 Wilbert Tubbs Sr. Drive, El Dorado filed 1/6/21.

H&T Hunting Club Norphlet Inc., Sonny Harper, 514 N. Texas, Norphlet filed 1/6/21.

El Dorado Towing & Recovery LLC, Joe Wilson, 2811 North West Ave, Unit B, El Dorado filed 1/7/21.

Coco'shair LLC, Ricosha Billings, 119 Georgia St., El Dorado filed 1/7/21.

Auto Glass Plus of AR Inc, Lance Rainwater, 1644 Old Strong Hwy, Strong filed 1/7/21.

Moore's Candy House, LLC, Latonya Moore, 1314 Edmonds, El Dorado filed 1/7/21.

The Raborn Ranch Hunting Club, Philip Brian Raborn, 114 Pleasant Grove Ln, El Dorado filed 1/7/21.

Junction City Investments LLC, Mohsin Virani, 2684 Haynesville Hwy, El Dorado filed 1/7/21.

GTE Anesthesia PLLC, James McDaniel, 205 Walnut Ridge, El Dorado filed 1/7/21.

Datura LLC, Dusti Lynne Mackey, 4008 Magnolia Hwy, El Dorado filed 1/8/21.

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