The Columbia District Association has issued new advice to member churches about precautions they should take before resuming services during COVID-19 pandemic.

Moderator Rev. B.J. Harris and Vice Moderator Rev. Billy Williams have suggested the following guidelines to churches:

-- If you are sick, running a fever, or experiencing flu-like symptoms, it is suggested that you do not enter the church building.

-- Before entering the church sanctuary, it is suggested to have a hand sanitizing station available at the entrance or foyer.

-- It is suggested that everyone wears a mask (in church and during service).

-- During offering, hand sanitizer should be available to be used after putting money into the offering tray.

-- No group singing (choir). Solos and duets are acceptable. Singers should remain 6 feet apart.

-- No hand shaking or hugging.

-- Continue to pray that God will keep everyone safe.

“All of the mentioned suggestions should be put into place until medical doctors confirm that coronavirus is no longer a threat or a vaccine is developed for it,” the association said in a statement.

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