October is National Principals Month, and the Magnolia School District recognizes the essential role that principals and their assistants play in making a school great.

The Magnolia School Board said in a statement that principals are among the hardest working, yet often least recognized individuals in education.

“Their leadership and pursuit of success for students helps guide and support their schools every day. With the challenges that COVID-19 presented, our principals came through when it mattered most.

“Our principals and assistants set the academic tone for their schools, and it is their vision, dedication, and determination that provide the rallying force for achieving student success.

“The Magnolia School District recognizes that our principals love what they do and enjoy the many opportunities to share in the learning journeys of the children in their schools. National Principals Month is our way of honoring their dedication and

thanking them for all their efforts in pursuit of excellence in education,” the statement said.

Magnolia High School

Chris Carter, principal

Jessica Aryee, assistant principal

T.J. Powell, assistant principal

Terry Sanders, assistant principal

Magnolia Middle School

Gwen Carter, principal

Chris Lynch, assistant principal

Glenda Smith, assistant principal

Central Elementary School

Angie Waters, principal

Gwen O'Guinn, assistant principal

Becky White, assistant principal

East Side Elementary School

Jill Rader, principal

Whitteni Lindsey, assistant principal

Deborah Taylor, assistant principal

Walker Pre-Kindergarten Center

Natasha Coleman, principal

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