Homecoming Court

The 2021 Magnolia High School Homecoming Court. Front center, Queen Kierra Howell. Front, left to right, Ruth Rivera, 12th (Athletic Trainer); Maurianna Easter, 12th; Alyson Cranston, 12th; Olivia Ferguson, 12th, (Athletic Trainer); Alyson Critton, 12th; Janiyah Glover, 11th; Kiya Derrick, Sophomore Honor Maid; Maddie Garcia, 11th; Ja’Kiya Sanders, Junior Honor Maid; Rachel Ward, 12th. Back row, left to right; Anyri Wright, Senior Honor Maid; Bracelynn Glover, 12th; Samantha Wilson, 12th; Tanyia Turner, Senior Honor Maid; Jalaiha Bishop, 12th; Autumn Green, 11th; Crystal Glover, 11th; Ja’Kaya Lewis, 12th, (Athletic Trainer); Cadence Wafer, Junior Honor Maid; Sha’Lanyce Jones, 12th.