El Dorado parking

The areas outlined in red provide free parking to downtown El Dorado visitors and business people.

El Dorado Mayor Veronica Smith-Creer is inviting residents and visitors to park in designated free public parking areas when visiting downtown El Dorado.

The areas are marked in red in the illustration accompanying this article.

The parking lots are a block or two from downtown shops and restaurants.

Parking lot 1 is the parking lot between the First Baptist Church and the El Dorado School District Building.

Parking lot 2 is the parking lot directly across from the Murphy Arts District's Amphitheater.

The mayor is encouraging businesses that have their own parking lots to use the free parking to free up parking downtown around the square.

Persons needing a ride from the parking lots to their destination downtown may call her office at 870-862-7911 to arrange for someone to drop them off at their desired destination.

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