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Harmonica player Dave P. Moore will perform Thursday night from First Financial Music Hall in El Dorado.

“Thursday Night Live” harmonica player Dave P. Moore will be broadcast Thursday night from First Financial Music Hall in El Dorado.

Doors open to the public at 6:30 p.m. and the show starts at 7 p.m. There’s no cover charge. There will be a cash bar. People may bring their own food.

CLICK HERE to watch the livestream.

David Paul Moore offers simple advice to all who have pain. On any given night in the south on a stage, at a camp fire, at a table of friends, or even on his answering machine, the sound of his harmonica signals good times and blues healing.

Despite more than 30 years of road and studio work, the virtuoso harmonica player who should be a household name to Blues aficionados around the world was known only to a handful of lucky people who treasure his musical ability, his generosity, and his spirit. He lived the blues with an always packed suitcase and case of harps: he had no car, no driver’s license. No bank account, no permanent girlfriend, and was a ramblin’ man with no permanent address. He lived to gig, and if he didn’t have a gig, he called his friends who did have gigs to offer his services.

Each night he played amazing shows that left people wondering why he wasn’t known worldwide. However, he also had spent thirty or more years vigorously partaking in the trappings of the road life that almost took his life. After suffering pain in his liver and stomach, doctors told Moore in 2015 that unless he stopped drinking, he only had days to live. He secluded himself in Montgomery with old friends who nursed him through almost cold turkey withdrawals, aided only by massage therapy and protein shakes. During his struggle he reported that he was on the Willie Nelson rehab plan: “reading Willie’s biography, listening to Willie’s records, and smoking as much weed as Willie.” Friends across the South responded with kindness, performing benefits to keep him afloat.

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