Southern Fried Funeral

The Magnolia Arts production of "Southern Fried Funeral" needs to fill six female roles and five male roles.

The Magnolia Arts Center has come up with an answer for those people who have said that they would be in a play over their dead body.

The casting call has gone out for the upcoming production of “Southern Fried Funeral” by J. Dietz Osborne and Nate Epler.

Auditions for actors ages 17 and up will be held at the Arts Center, 116 S. Washington, from 6-8 p.m. July 30-31.

The comedy has six female roles and five male roles. Show dates are September 19-22.

This is a synopsis of the show:

“Dewey Frye is dead and the rest of his family is left to pick up the pieces -- that is if they don't kill each other first. Not only does matriarch Dorothy have to contend with sudden widowhood, but she's also faced with church-committee harpy Ozella Meeks sticking her nose in the family business, Dewey's snake-in-the-grass brother making a grab for her house, and two grown daughters reliving their childhood rivalry.

“Funerals bring out the worst, the best, and the funniest in people, and the Fryes are no exception. A big-hearted comedy about family -- Southern-style.”

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