Here are the latest clues for the 2022 Emerson PurpleHull Pea Festival Treasure Hunt. The $250 prize is sponsored by Peoples Bank. The treasure will be in a place accessible by the general public. It is not necessary to dig or damage anything to find the treasure. The festival is Friday and Saturday in Emerson.

Noon Monday Clue

North, East, South, West, Emerson is the very best. Search High, search low but always know the treasure will be found on public ground.

6 p.m. Monday Clue

No digging, no climbing only searching and finding. I can be found in the biggest little town. The PurpleHull Pea Festival only comes once a year, so make sure to read these clues, my dear.

Noon Tuesday Clue

Peoples Bank is our sponsor for our treasure of $250 dollars. When you find me, this is a sign to give us a holler.

6 p.m. Tuesday Clue

You may have noticed our new additions, but don’t forget our old traditions. The sign can be read from straight ahead.

Noon Wednesday Clue

You may have fished from the pond, all of those memories are very fond. Do we have you hooked? This year’s festival will be one for the books.

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