Juneteenth treasure

Here are the clues for the 2019 Juneteenth Festival Treasure Hunt. The $300 prize is sponsored by Williams Used Car Lot. The treasure will be in a place accessible by the general public. There is no need to dig or damage property to find the prize. Clues are released at 7 a.m. and noon daily. The United Community Organization is the sponsor of Juneteenth.

7 a.m. Monday Clue

Juneteenth Festival week is here; and we’re in the land of opportunity. I’ll be ready to celebrate the unity in the community!

Noon Monday Clue

Look to the North, South, East, and West. When you’ve found me, you will have passed the test!

7 a.m. Tuesday Clue

I welcome all to rejoice with me -- for the lives I touch help ease their burdens ever so much.

Noon Tuesday Clue

There’ve been changes in our city, but when you see me, know you get what you see.

7 a.m. Wednesday Clue

Early morning or late at night, pull and if you look closely, you could see quite a sight.

Noon Wednesday Clue

I see that Aw’s, Ooh’s, and Yay’s are common; determined ones just keep on coming.

7 a.m. Thursday Clue

Still looking you say and haven’t a clue. Keeping searching before the sunsets on you.

Noon Thursday Clue

The “cat’s meow”, the “cow’s moo” and the “chicken’s cluck, cluck” is not inside. Believe it or not, vintage is in style.

7 a.m. Friday Clue

Come one, come all, this one’s for you, even if you’re small.

Noon Friday Clue

I’m not very high, and I’m not very low, but be sure you don’t stump your toe.

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