The early discovery on Monday evening of the Magnolia Blossom Festival Treasure Hunt’s $1,000 prize from Peoples Bank has prompted the festival to launch an unprecedented second Treasure Hunt. The new hunt is for a $500 “second place” prize, also sponsored by Peoples Bank.

As with the previous prize hunt, searchers will find the treasure in a location that is accessible by the general public. There is no need to dig or damage anything to find the prize.

The current clues:

7 a.m. Wednesday Clue

Another treasure has been hidden,

this is definitely not a prank!

The finder of this treasure wins $500,

A big shout out to Peoples Bank!

Noon Wednesday Clue

From our beautiful city,

Mayor Vann welcomes you!

Oh what fun this is,

searching for Magnolia Blossom Treasure #2!

7 a.m. Thursday Clue

Do you think our clues are no good?

We feel they are just misunderstood!

Look at the words and it will all be clear,

Once you find the treasure, give a little cheer!

Noon Thursday Clue

When searching all around,

I'll Be There!

Gather your friends,

there is still plenty to share!

7 a.m. Friday Clue


the lights twinkle in the night sky.

The cars going north drive near me,

I love to sit and watch them drive by.

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