The McNeil Festival on the Rails Treasure Hunt prize has been found.

Richael Johnson and her son, Marshall Evins, discovered the prize medallion about 3 p.m. Thursday near the intersection of Arkansas 98 and Holliman Circle in McNeil. It was taped to the lid of a water well.

They will be presented with their $400 prize at 7 p.m. Saturday during the festival’s awards ceremony. The Treasure Hunt is sponsored by Camden Iron & Metal, Inc.

The festival is Saturday on the north side of the tracks in McNeil.

CLICK HERE to see the festival website.

Here are the Treasure Hunt clues, along with the clue that would have been issued at 5 p.m. Thursday.

Monday Clue

Here starts the clues that seem to be waste

But they will protect from actions of haste

At City Hall you might begin,

But this is not where you will end.

On private property I am not,

You will find me on a public plot.

Don't bring a shovel, no need to dig.

Don't bring a ladder, no need to be big.

Tuesday Morning Clue

You must search hard if you want to find me.

In front of your eyes is not where I will be.

Beside the path where many have ridden,

Is the obvious place that I am hidden.

Don't try to see me from your car

Even though from the road I'm not very far

In the city limits I will be found

A copper medallion big and round.

Tuesday Afternoon Clue

This clue will definitely lead you right,

Whether you hunt in the day or hunt by night.

In 1996 they discontinued this car

It was certainly one of the best by far

Not new but OLDS it carried its load

This car will place you on the right ROAD.

Wednesday Morning Clue

Don't go into someone's yard

That is certainly not public land

Don't go onto anyone's business

These are all private by a span

Public means owned by the city

Trespassing is really a pity

If you haven't found the treasure where it hides,

Maybe you haven't gotten out of your rides.

Three hundred sixty degrees is a good clue

This will help you know the street too

Wednesday Afternoon Clue

Your body is close to sixty percent

The earth they say is about two thirds

Not much on the desert is another hint

The treasure is found in reference to these words

Thursday Morning Clue

The man around town might be the best clue.

What he must do is what to pursue.

Toward the north is not where you should go,

This is the info that all want to know.

Thursday Afternoon Clue (set to have been issued at 5 p.m.)

If you have a tool then water will flow.

If you find the treasure the money will go.

There will be a blue marker to mark the spot

If it says WATER then you are hot

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