Art show

COVID-19 has cancelled this art show, but you can still see student work from Southern Arkansas University online.

The COVID-19 pandemic’s impact includes the cancellation of a Magnolia Arts Center exhibition of Southern Arkansas University student art.

While social distancing has stopped the show, it hasn’t stopped the art. The Magnolia Arts Center is showing the art through its website.

CLICK HERE to see it.

The art is also hanging in Brinson Art Gallery at SAU.

Tomas Abrams

Artist Statement

This series of digital paintings tells the tale of the U.S.S Sovereign Sky from its discovery in a star ship graveyard located on Mars to its eventual refit and launch.

I started by building the ship and environments in 3D, creating 2D renders of them, and then painting in the details and effects in Photoshop.

Crystal Arnold

Artist Statement

Fall of 2019, I created my board game, Escape Area 51. In this game you are conspiracies trying to escape before the gates close. I wanted to 3D model and print our characters to put in the game but I don’t know how to character model. So this scene is my first attempt. At first I just made the Alien but I decided to give them a ship. And Alien Coming to Earth was born.

I used Maya software to create the mesh and I used Photoshop to create the textures.

The Alien is coming to Earth to have a peaceful interaction with the General on Earth, but instead he gets held in Area 51.

Dalton Barnett

Artist Statement

I've provided several renders of a combination gun I made in a digital 3D program. I mainly want to show off the detail that I put into the gun, showing off the engravings and old damaged wood. The gun is capable of functioning like a real weapon and can be fully disassembled.

Abigail Bean

Artist Statement

I am a Game, Animation and Simulation Design major at Southern Arkansas University. I love art and being creative in many different forms, as of recently I have enjoyed doing digital painting. For both of these pieces I used Adobe Photoshop’s painting tools. I created Art Nouveau Character Rotation Sheet last spring in my concept art class. Our assignment was to choose an art movement and describe a character based on that movement. Then we all traded, and we had to create a character based on their description. Art Nouveau is a very interesting and beautiful art movement that focuses on the more decorative elements in a piece. A Alphonse Mucha’s work in particular were an inspiration to the character’s design. Woman of Nature was created last Fall as a personal project, the woman if the painting is the same person in my other piece. I wanted to explore her character a little bit more and I imagined her to live in this beautiful forest environment, in a way I kind of saw her as a Mother Nature like character.

I also made a few design changes such as her dress being purple, I did this to give the piece a more analogous color scheme, but also have her stand out as well. These two paintings were so much fun to create, they are definitely some of my favorite works I’ve created, and I hope you all enjoy them as well.

Samantha Biuso

Artist Statement:

My work's full purpose is to guide my audience into fantasy. I wish to simulate fictional environments that stir emotion within the viewer's consciousness. Whether that emotion is subtle or grand, that doesn't matter, so long as it is inspired, just as I have been.

Hannah Bond

Artist Statement

I aspire not only to capture nature and its many wonders but to also enable and inspire others to see the beauty of the natural world. My hopes are to bring the worlds natural art into perspective while also informing others on the content of the photograph.

Michael Desso

Artist Statement

Using three-dimensional modeling software, photo editing software, and a little creativity I sought to create physical items in a fantastical design. I want these images to allure the viewer and make them feel as if these items have weight and can be held and used. This powerful sense of emersion is what I feel like makes a work of art a success.

Lukas Dush

Ian Frisby

Artist Statement

The theme of these pieces is Isolation. Each piece focuses on the different ways people can feel isolated from others.

Kenzie Glass

Artist Statement

My work in the last two years experiments in visual development and illustration with characters and environments. I strive to tell a story with my illustrations, with common themes of community and self-discovery that I try to keep in mind for my life.

City Living, Self Love, and Lantern are digital paintings that I used as a way of finding my own digital art style and experimenting with a more rendered painting style. We Can ALL Do It is a poster I designed for a feministzine I wrote and illustrated in 2019. I wanted to have a powerful image of solidarity and equality in today’s society, which I achieved. Each piece in my portfolio is painted digitally and formatted for printing.

Korenna Goodrick

Artist Statement

This is a collection of digital concept art pieces for a realm dedicated to the element of soul as well as it's overseer. To design the environments, I took inspiration from the glowing beaches of the Maldives and the glow worm caves of New Zealand in order to give them an ethereal feel while still being based in reality.

The color pallet I chose as well as the glow in the pieces were intended to make them vibrant and full of life as well as to express the bright, unique nature of the soul.

Tristan Griffith

Artist Statement

Portraiture has always been a passion of mine and I love exploring new ways to present the figure itself. It can be by playing with conflicting imagery like in honey. Although, even just playing with light can change the perspective of a piece like in Fluorescent and Radiate. I love seeing how small changes can reinvent a piece and bring new exciting ideas to life.

Jeffrey Guerrero

Artist Statement

Taking influence from animation, I aim to make the characters that I illustrate simple, but memorable when it comes to creating their designs. I try to say more with less whenever possible because as an artist with a focus on animation I try to be fast while still making a strong impact with my work.

Samantha James

Artist Statement

My artwork pieces together recognizable motifs, taking the hidden symbolism of common animals and plants, to create a message, evoke a thought, or explore a notion. These paintings are a part of a series exploring death. Death is a malleable concept that everyone has had a brush with and everyone reacts to it differently.

Ever since I was little, I was always terrified that someone I love was about to die. This series was my way of coming to terms with mortality. All these paintings are done with acrylic on wood panels that are nailed to a frame. The wooden panel and frame is meant to represent a coffin. The edges are left exposed to show the wood underneath to symbolize the raw emotions that are tied to death.

Ready to Go and Gone Too Soon are both inspired by people in my life. Ready to Go is about a woman in my life I’ve known since I was a baby. When we talk ever week, she tells me that she has had a good, long life and she is ready to go. So for this painting I have a figure embracing death as they are turned into butterflies.

Gone Too Soon is about a friend’s miscarriage. I wanted to capture the pain she went through. I have a crow stretching out of a figure’s stomach. Crows are the carriers of souls to the afterlife. In the crow’s mouth, is a baby rattle with the top replaced with a small skull.

The last painting is called Rebirth. This is about the cycle of life and death. The center of the painting is a skull, a common motif of death. From it, emerges glowing lotus flowers and a butterfly, both symbols of resurrection.

Jackson Jones

Artist Statement

Using the likenesses of famous bodybuilders from across history, I have created a series of character pieces titled The Master Builders. Drawing inspiration from my love of comic books, 80s cartoons, and bodybuilding, The Master Builders attempts to bridge the gap between “nerd” and “gym bro” culture.

Kyle Kenney

Artist Statement

The inspiration for these three pieces came from an interest in the cosmos and theories of other universes. The materials I used for these works were simple; I used only my phone with a built-in stylus and the Autodesk Sketchbook painting app.

Throughout the paintings I incorporated themes of confusion and oblivion to allow viewers to see many different things based on their own interpretations. To create it all, I started with simple forms and slowly added detail to wherever I felt it would have the greatest impact on the viewer.

Tarik Kirkendoll

Artist Statement

My artwork is composed of digital character concepts that inspire a narrative for my illustrations. The goal of my work is to portray how these characters interact with their world through use of shading and color.

Mason Lorton

Artist Statement

Food For Bot - 11x17 [Maya, Substance]

Oranges - 11x17 [Maya, Substance]

The goal of my work is to take everyday objects or scenarios and to view them from a new perspective.

Samantha Moore

Artist Statements

Blue and Chris

I've always enjoyed Chris Pratt in his films, and I thought I'd try my hand at doing a friendly caricature of him with items and creatures from the movies he's been in.

He tends to be in a lot of serious, action films, despite being rather goofy, and I tried to keep that balance in his pose, and the overall cartoon-ish style I used. I also tried to keep the colors bright and lively, as well as using complementary colors as I feel that reflects his upbeat personality well.

Breakfast at the Taylor's

Originally apart of a zine I made, this piece reflects one of my character's, Lyra's daily morning life with her family. I've always found inspiration in rustic everyday life in small towns, and I hoped to capture that kind of charm in this piece. A couple of things that inspired me while making this was Little House on the Prairie, Stardew Valley, Rune Factory, as well as just older historic towns in general.

Government Spies

Online, there is a satirical campaign called, "Birds Aren't Real,” which claims all birds are actually government drones, and finding it humorous, I created this poster to join in on the joke. The overall artstyle, somewhat inspired by the somewhat blocky style of children books, was meant to be simple and cute, yet eerily creepy the longer you look at it. The camera eyes are meant to catch your gaze, and hopefully appear to watch you from any angle.

Rylee Osgood

Artist Statement

A common theme throughout my pieces is nature and the appreciation that I have for it.

Spencer Stanton

Artist Statement

I’ve always loved bright colors because of how boldly they stand out. My artwork is a collection of vibrant acrylic paintings that often depict floral assortments and portraits. I like painting floral's because I believe flowers are nature’s way of saying that beauty does still exist, no matter what this cruel world shoves at us.

My latest floral series represents finding beauty in tough economic or social situations.

My portrait paintings tend to be more stylized and less realistic. I am currently working on a series of portraits depicting women from the Bible. These women, such as Eve, Mary, Delilah, Esther, and Jezebel, have all taught me lessons that have helped me become a better woman myself. I’ve decided to paint this series in a folk art style because I read that “folk art is made by the people, for the people, all people,” and I believe the Bible is the same way. It was made by the people, for all people. Even though not everyone believes in what the Bible has to say, it is there for anyone who wants it, and that is how I want my art to be.

Samuel Wakefield

Artist Statement

My work explores the beauty in darkness. A lifelong habit of sketching monsters has finally translated into digital 3d media, where it can be realized more fully.

Through the exploration of the monstrous, I search for similarities with humanity.

When compared, there is more in common than most would prefer to admit.

Artist Biography

Samuel Wakefield is a digital 3d artist, specializing in characters and creatures that evoke a sense of danger and wonder. His interest in art was born during church services in Huntsville, Alabama, where he drew monstrous creatures to stave off restlessness. In 2015, he chose to pursue higher education at Arkansas State University-Newport as a non-traditional student after working several years in the service industry. In 2017, Wakefield was granted the Arkansas Community Colleges

Academic Al -Star Scholarship, which ultimately led him to Southern Arkansas University, where he began his studies towards a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Game, Animation, and Simulation Design in 2018.

Spontaneity and discovery are of vital importance in Wakefield’s creative process.

Often when asked what he was drawing, his answer would be, “I don’t know yet. I’ll know when I’m done.” His interest in exploratory drawing naturally translated into an interest in digital sculpting where his creations take on new life. Where traditional media is like a written letter, Wakefield’s digital work is like a conversation with the audience, as games provide an opportunity for interaction not available in other media.

Andrew Walsh

Artist Statement

All of my renders of 3D models focus on either full environments or a piece that would go in an environment. The most important aspects that I focused on when creating these pieces was color, light and texture. I prefer to keep the colors bright in my works, and I experimented with unique styles in some of these works.

Crafted Beach, for example is stylized to look like it is made out of paper and cardboard. Spruce Tree was designed with a mix of realism and painterly effects in mind, with some influence from photography.

My photography focuses largely on environments, specifically things in nature. My photos tend to gravitate toward floral photos for their bright colors and textured surfaces, such as in Summer Flora. I take some of my photos and edit them to push the color further or alter it entirely to see what effect I can create. Many of my photos are taken up close, to further push the texture on the subject. Butterfly is an up-close photo of a monarch butterfly that displays vivid colors and light.

Merry Ward

Artist Statement

Merry is a graphic designer who grew up in the small town of Minden, Louisiana. She has a passion for graphic design and uses Adobe Creative Suite to bring her ideas to life. Her process typically begins with a few rough ideas in Adobe Illustrator. She then uses her knowledge of design, typography, and layout to create something that her client will use to represent their brand. She has several published works including logos, brochures, and t-shirt designs. Merry tries to tell you a little about the company through their logo or other tools that she creates.

Artist Biography

Her interest in graphic design started with a love of photography. This passion gave her the opportunity to be on her high school yearbook staff. While on the yearbook staff, she became experiences in Photoshop and layout design. When looking for a major she knew that Communication Design fit her skillset well.

Merry has several published works including logos, brochures, and t-shirt designs.

Her artistic influences include Liam Ahurst, a well-known Graphic Artist and Illustrator, as well as Thomas Hedger, who is known for his bold style and pop art-inspired colors. Through her work, Merry tries to tell you a little about the company through their logo or other tools that she creates.

Merry is passionate about graphic design because she loves seeing her client’s ideas come to life. She is able to decipher what her clients want from the resources that are provided for her. This is where she steps in, she is eager to show them the results of what she has come up with. Merry is enthusiastic about her work and cannot wait to show it to the world.

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