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Left to right, Magnolia School District and Farmers Bank & Trust representatives Jason Ray, Penny Talley, Angie Waters, Jill Rader, Monty Harrington, Audrea Roach, Michelle Barrong, Jessie Watson, Brenda Holley, and John Ward.

For the third year, the Magnolia School District is embarking on a special project, an all-school book club called Arkansas Reads One Book.

This special project is designed to create a shared reading experience throughout the district at the elementary level. Every student in kindergarten through sixth grade will receive a copy of the same book, “The Toothpaste Millionaire” by Jean Merrill, and will be asked to read it at home over the next few weeks.

The goal is to create a culture of family reading and family financial literacy in Arkansas.

Inside the book, students and family members will find a reading schedule so that they can keep up at home. A Family Resource Guide will also be sent home to help families discuss the book together. In school, students will participate in activities and discussion about the book.

Reading aloud at home is valuable because it better prepares children to be effective readers, and it is a fun, worthwhile family activity. With the Arkansas Reads One Book program, the district aims to build a Community of Readers at school.

Everyone -- students, parents, teachers, and even administrative staff will all be following along together.

The Magnolia School District is working in collaboration with Economics Arkansas, Read to Them organization, and the Little Rock School District to provide this program. Locally, Farmers Bank & Trust donated $7,500 that was used to fund the purchase of student books. The Partners In Education organization also provided funding and collaborative support for the program.

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