New Magnolia School District personnel, seated left to right, Melissa Chandler, Eileen Lowery, Britany McDonald, Melinda Black, Robyn Mackey, Cynthia Cater, Rachel Fish and Ariel Castleman. Middle left to right, Kendra Holley, Connie Browning, Ryan LaFleur, Whitteni Lindsey, Shelby Lamkin, Ruby Espinoza, Taegan Young, Heather Laferte and Wes Ables. Back left to right, Anthony Meeker, Dillon Reed, Anthony Hammonds, Whitney Epperson, James Kotarek, Garrett Walker, Michael Youngblood, Alix Tiegs, Dustin Bakenhus and Ben Lindsey. Not pictured are Jennifer DeLoach, Brandi Denmon, Morgan Gardner, Lauren Jarvis, Kamille King, Kaitlyn Mahaffey, Janelle Middleton, Cassidy Russell, and Bailey Staton.

The Magnolia School District welcomed 36 new licensed personnel to the district at its annual new teacher orientation training on Monday.

The staff of Walker Pre-Kindergarten Center welcomes new pre-kindergarten teacher, Cynthia Cater, to the campus.

New licensed personnel to the East Side Elementary School will be Connie Browning, kindergarten; Brandi Denmon, kindergarten; Lauren Jarvis, first grade; Whitteni Lindsey, assistant principal; Eileen Lowery, third grade; Robyn Mackey, second grade; Janelle Middleton, special education; Bailey Staton, first grade; and Taegan Young, second grade.

Central Elementary School will welcome new staff members Melinda Black, sixth grade; Ariel Castleman, fourth grade; Jennifer DeLoach, sixth grade; Whitney Epperson, special education; Kendra Holley, sixth grade; Kamille King, fourth grade; Heather Laferte, sixth grade; and Cassidy Russell, fourth grade.

Magnolia Junior High School will add new teachers Dustin Bakenhus, HPE/coach; Brianna Cowling, science; Ruby Espinoza, assistant band director; Anthony Hammonds, coach; Ryan LaFleur, assistant band director; Shelby Lamkin, mathematics; Kaitlyn Mahaffey, assistant choral director; Britany McDonald, special education; Anthony Meeker, HPE/coach; Dillon Reed, science; Garrett Walker, mathematics; and Michael Youngblood, EAST/coach.

New teachers added to the Magnolia High School staff are Wes Ables, HPE/coach; Melissa Chandler, science; Rachel Fish, EAST; Morgan Gardener, science; James Kotarek, director of bands; Ben Lindsey, head basketball coach; and Alix Tiegs, audio/visual technology and communications.

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