Taylor Junior High and High School recently held their local science fair.

The students placing first, second, third and honorable mention will go on to compete in the Regional Science Fair at SAU on March 8.

The overall winner for junior high was Jack Hoyle and the overall winner for high school was Grace McLelland.

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Taylor seven-grade science fair winners Lily Sewell, Heidi May, Makayla Downs, 3rd; Gracyn Lyons, Kylie Keith, 2nd; Michael Higgins, Mattie McLelland, 1st; Caden Frizzell, Grace Braswell, Jessa Hines, Ashlyn Stamps and Ariel Foster.

photo 2

Taylor eighth-grade science fair winners Madalyn Lawrence, Landon Beshea, Eli Quarles, 3rd; Josh Elmore, Wesley Alexander, 2nd; Sydney Britt, Graham Grundy, 1st; Maggie McHenry and Brianna Hinshaw.

photo 3-

Taylor ninth-grade science fair winners Ethan Taylor, Kendall Braswell, 3rd; Colbie West, Rayne Cranford, 2nd; Luke Collier, Jack Hoyle, 1st; and Lexi Tatum and Josh Lindsey.

Taylor science fair overall winners for junior high, 1st place, Jack Hoyle; 2nd place, Mattie McLelland; and 3rd place, Rayne Cranford.

Taylor Junior High and High School Science Fair winners.

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