El Dorado High School students and teachers have been recognized with awards from the Murphy Education Program.

Murphy Oil Corporation began sponsoring the Murphy Education Program in 1997 to reward students for outstanding scores on standardized tests. Since then, Murphy has awarded over $3 million dollars to El Dorado students and faculty for their academic accomplishments.

Principal Sherry Hill presented current high school students their awards for Advanced Placement (AP) test scores. EHS students received awards for AP scores of 3 or higher on their end of year exams from 2020. Students received $250 for each 3; $375 for each 4; and $500 for each 5.

ACT and SAT awards will also be given to seniors, in this case the class of 2020, for their highest score on each of these tests. The Class of 2020 will additionally receive National Merit Scholar awards and the remainder of their First Grade award. Throughout the duration of the Murphy Education Program, Murphy has also awarded first grade students for their scores on the end of year benchmark exam. The award totals $1,000 and is given in two parts: the first half upon completion of the first grade and the second half, plus the interest accrued, upon graduation from EHS.

AP teachers were also awarded through the Murphy Education Program based on the success of their students.

In conjunction with the Murphy Education Program awards, the El Dorado Education Foundation sponsored Academic Letterman jackets for the Class of 2021. Students qualified to receive an Academic Letterman jacket or Academic Letterman patch for having a 3.75 or higher cumulative GPA at the end of the fall semester of their Junior year.

A total of $141,956.25 was awarded from Murphy Oil Corporation to EHS students and teachers for the academic accomplishments for the 2019-20 school year. With the closing of Murphy’s headquarters in El Dorado, this was the final presentation of Murphy awards for AP, ACT, SAT and Merit Scholars.

Also, Elementary, Middle and Junior High awards will no longer be given. The remainder of the first grade awards will continue until the class of 2030 graduates.

Current EHS students who were unable to attend the presentation should stop by the El Dorado Promise office to pick up their award. Students who graduated in 2020 will have their awards mailed to them at the home address on file with El Dorado High School.

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