Kaye Minter

Kaye Minter is the Magnolia High School Teacher of the Year.

Magnolia High School science teacher Kaye Minter was recently chosen as the campus Teacher of the Year.

Minter is a soon-to-be-retired, 30-year veteran science teacher. She graduated from Southern Arkansas University in 1982 with a bachelor of science degree in biology and minors in math, and chemistry. She graduated with a pre-med emphasis with the intent to head to medical school. Instead, she decided to get married and wait a few years for med school.

When her husband, Bill Minter, a mechanical engineering graduate from Louisiana Tech University, accepted a job in Arkadelphia, Kaye began substitute teaching at Arkadelphia High where she found that she enjoyed working with teens and had a proclivity to teach. Her parents, Dr. George and Mavis Henry, were both respected teachers.

She went back to school at Henderson State University to be certified to teach high school science and took more physics courses. She was quickly hired at Arkadelphia High School to teach biology, chemistry, and physics.

After several moves and several children (four daughters – Kelly Minter-Schneider, Emily Minter, Lara Perry and Erin Minter), she chose to work for Magnolia School District and has been here for about 20 years teaching whatever science was needed.

When Magnolia became an Arkansas Advanced Initiative for Math and Science (AAIMS) school, Minter was recruited to work as the AP lead science teacher, and to teach AP Biology. Working closely with this program, she began to present Saturday Prep sessions for schools around the state and helped MHS receive special recognition from College Board for excellent AP Biology scores.

While working with AAIMS, Minter became a Laying the Foundation (LTF) trainer in biology and middle grades science. Five years ago, she was accepted into the UALR STRIVE program and worked with four other Arkansas science teachers and Arkansas AIMS to develop rigorous curricula. The curricula utilized vetted materials to help Arkansas science teachers of grades 6-12 be able to meet the challenge of working with the new Arkansas Science Standards. Through this program, this team of teachers developed online Arkansas AIMS Online Google Sites, which have helped teachers in Arkansas improve teaching and test scores.

Minter sees teaching as being a way to serve others and to positively impact students, families, and communities. Introducing students to the wonder of science and the universe in which they live has been one of her major goals during her career. Minter feels that teaching allows a person to actually see first-hand the impact they have on others.

One of her favorite quotes came from Christa McAuliffe, American teacher and astronaut: “I touch the future. I teach.”

After retirement, Minter will be able to reach even more Arkansas youth by continuing as an Arkansas AIMS science consultant, but will truly miss her kids who have, over the years, blessed her by allowing her into their lives.

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