Five teachers and one counselor will retire from the Magnolia School District at the end of the 2020 school year.

They are teachers Renee Bailey, Rose Biley, Joni Lee, Kaye Minter and Annie Witcher, and counselor Mandy Headrick.

Renee Bailey began her career teaching third and fourth grades at Willisville School. After joining the faculty of Magnolia’s Central Elementary School, she taught Title I reading and sixth grade before moving to fourth grade, where she has been since 1988. She is in her 36th year of teaching.

Rose Biley is retiring after 35 years in teaching, including 28 years in the Magnolia School District. She understands the concept that all students can learn. She did anything she could to make sure all of her students learned. She has led the PRIDE team to many accomplishments.

Mandy Headrick is retiring after 38 years in education and the Magnolia School District. She has given students support, kindness and wisdom through the years.

Joni Lee is retiring after 38 years as an educator. She taught four years in the Village School District as a kindergarten teacher. She has taught seventh grade reading at Magnolia Junior High School for 34 years.

Kaye Minter is retiring after 30 years in education, including 20 in the Magnolia School District. She has spent her years teaching science and working closely with AAIMS to development rigorous curricula.

Annie Witcher taught a half-year in the Waldo School District. After coming to the Magnolia School District, she taught three years at Central Elementary School, 22 years at East Side Elementary School and four years at Magnolia Junior High School.

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