East Side

AMI packets will be provided for Magnolia East Side and Central students until May 29.

The Magnolia School District has updated information regarding AMI, or Alternative Methods of Instruction, packets for each campus in the district.

Magnolia High School

AMI work for senior students was due Friday, May 8.

Students in grades 10 and 11 should have AMI work submitted by Friday, May 15.

Teachers will also remain available through May 29 for all students to answer questions/concerns.

Magnolia Junior High School

The week of May 11-15 is the last week for new AMI assignments. All AMI work should be submitted in the drop boxes at the school by Friday, May 22.

Central Elementary School

AMI packets may be picked up and submitted through Friday, May 29.

East Side Elementary School

AMI packets will be provided until May 29. Packets may be submitted at the drop box at the school through June 4.

Walker Pre-Kindergarten Center

AMI packets may be picked up and submitted through May 29. Teachers will continue to update their teacher pages until May 29.

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