Spirit Led Church

Spirit Led Church plans to open a tutoring center.

Jacquelyn Briggs, a certified teacher in the Magnolia School District, plans to launch a tutoring center in Magnolia this June after the school term ends.

For nearly 30 years, Briggs has devoted herself to teaching children so they can start their educational journey on a solid foundation and be prepared for all subjects and life in general.

“I have discovered that my special gift and passion is teaching students that need extra support. It is a challenging process, but very rewarding, especially when you see the children's eyes light up when they have even small successes. I know that consistent, one-on-one tutoring dramatically improves the prospects of students in our public schools so I decided to open a center to make a difference,” she said.

The tutoring center will be an initiative under Spirit Led Ministries and housed inside of classrooms at the church.

The church, led by Pastor Glenn O. Maxwell and Lady Elect Rochelle Maxwell, is located across Fredrick Street from East Side Elementary School, where Briggs teaches.

This summer, tutoring will be offered free to select 2nd graders in the Magnolia School District. In the fall, Briggs will expand the offerings to grade levels K-3.

Maxwell, also the chief of the Magnolia Police Department, said, “Currently, there is no educational service in our community that provides comprehensive one-on-one tutoring outside of school. Children will greatly benefit from this service. We are also inspired by Ms. Briggs’ passion as an educator and fully support this remarkable vision.”

There are several items needed to open the center such as furniture, levelized reading books, and educational games. In order to raise funds, Briggs launched a GoFundMe campaign with the goal of raising $5,500.

CLICK HERE to see the GoFundMe page.

So far family, friends, and the community have helped her reach nearly half of her goal in just a week. Briggs hopes to meet the goal by May 31 so that she can also purchase laptops and iPads as well as colorful artwork to make the space vibrant.

According to Briggs, whether someone donates through the GoFundMe website or directly to Spirit Led Ministries, designating the center as the recipient, the contribution is tax-deductible. Briggs also welcomes community groups and organizations to create fundraisers to support the cause.

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