Henderson State

Henderson State University raises $2.2 million from alumni in the past fiscal year.

Henderson State University surpassed its fundraising goal of $2.2 million and recorded the highest number of alumni donors for the 2018-2019 fiscal year that ended June 30.

The Henderson State University Foundation received $2,278,580 in gifts from 3,255 donors in 2019. The last time fundraising surpassed $2 million was in 2001 when the single-largest donor gift was made to support construction of the Formby Athletic Center.

Henderson’s endowment is at $12.2 million and provides nearly half a million each year in scholarship and programmatic support to the university.

Top gifts for the year included two endowment gifts to support scholarships for students studying history, support for the nursing program and athletics support.

“A strong endowment is a sign of a strong university, so we will be asking donors to consider providing perpetual support for scholarships and academic programs,” said Jennifer Boyett, vice president for University Advancement. “Growing the endowment is important for the future of Henderson State.”

Henderson also reported an all-time high number of alumni donors. The initial goal was to surpass 823 alumni donors, which set a high in 2017.

That goal was achieved in early May 2019 and continued to grow to 1,043 by June 30 — a 27 percent increase in the all-time high.

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