Louisiana Tech University in Ruston has started four new online graduate courses designed to support current educators teaching in the online learning environment across the state of Louisiana.

Created in partnership with Discovery Education, the courses will lead to a graduate certificate in online teaching and learning and also apply toward a master's degree.

The four courses that will comprise this graduate certificate are:

Digital Teaching in the Online Environment

Leveraging Technology in Assessment of Student Learning

Designing Remote Learning

Technology Integration Coaching

The first of the four courses, Digital Teaching in the Online Environment, will be offered during the winter quarter. This course provides a toolbox of strategies that novice and veteran teachers can implement right away in their online classrooms.

Engaging learners and diversifying instruction, promoting digital citizenship, creating practical, purposeful assessments, and effectively building online communities are among the primary themes in this course. Learners can expect to gain an improved comfort level and ability in effective online teaching to promote student achievement and position learners for success.

The second course, Leveraging Technology in Assessment of Student Learning, allows teachers to dive into formative and summative assessment strategies grounded in best practices and maximize the use of technology tools and digital content to provide high-quality data to monitor learning.

Given so many educators are now teaching online, the Designing Remote Learning course was created to provide educators with clear strategies to design high-quality online learning experiences that are valuable to learners of all levels. Students will learn how to apply accessibility and usability standards and use digital pedagogy to ensure students have an authentic and meaningful learning experience.

Another course in the series is entitled Technology Integration Coaching. Through this course, educators investigate the basic tenants of instructional coaching and delve into new strategies for improving their digital literacy and practical application of technology within the online or in-class learning environment. A central tenet of this course is how coaches can support other educators to feel confident in teaching online.

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"Discovery Education's success in providing high-quality resources and services for K-12 science, math, and technology subject areas makes for an impactful partnership with Louisiana Tech’s own leading STEM-education program,” said Dustin Hebert, Chair of the Department of Curriculum, Instruction, and Leadership at Louisiana Tech.

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